Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Hello !

PLACE Projects is a Glasgow-based, artists-led initiative. At it’s core PLACE Projects is about bringing together a critical mass of skilled, emerging fine arts practitioners with the aim of continuing the growth and success of the vibrant Scottish Arts Scene for years to come.

In order to achieve this goal, PLACE Projects has two key strategies: firstly to create opportunities for early-stage career artists to show work and by doing so, facilitate those critical first tentative steps into the ‘art scene’. Secondly to build a critically aware community of art-practitioners across Scotland and beyond and thus create support networks when they are possibly most critical to an artist’s development and future success.

PLACE Projects are committed to and passionate about mounting the most interesting and thought provoking shows possible on a low budget and quick turnaround so that as many early career practitioners as possible may benefit from the impetus to evolve works for an audience and tap into the resource of their feedback.

The PLACE Projects committee is: Cheryl Field, Jamie Kenyon & Rose Ruane. You can contact us at PLACEProjects@googlemail.com

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