Wednesday, 24 February 2010

PLACE Projects and Market Gallery presents a programme of films around the theme of architecture and urban experience, juxtaposing archival footage of Glasgow's evolution, short documentaries, and films by both established and emerging artists to create a poetic meditation on our experiences as urban dwellers against a backdrop of the city lights.

Jonathan Meades
Abroad in Britain: Get High, 2008; 30:00
Jonathan Meades is the author of two collections of journalism and three works of fiction, the most recent of which is The Fowler Family Business. He has written and performed in some fifty television shows, most of them notionally on topographical themes. He has been compared to Rabelais, Swift and a heavily sedated Sir Geoffrey Howe.

Educational Films Scotland
Battle of the styles, 1968; 17:58    
Documentary highlighting the work of several eminent Scottish architects, focusing particularly on the tension between the Gothic style and the Renaissance idiom / Classical revival, as experienced in nineteenth century Scotland. Featuring many intriguing Glasgow building which no longer exist.

Stina Wirfelt
Monuments, 2008; 07:00
Wirfelt’s 'Monuments’ is a wry and equally pessimistic piece which evaluates the promised hopes of the fictional Metropolis, a portrait of architecture, residential and social space of our lives and the leftovers for ‘progressive’ urban planning which are now not more than test grounds for learner drivers or roads to no where.

Emily Richardson
Nocturne, 2002; 05:00
Shot in deserted London streets, Richardson’s ‘nightwalker’ film revels a brooding and sinister sense of loss, a nighttime evacuation of the life of the city. Long exposures and static scenes focus the mind and eye to detail, finding transcendence and emotion in the everyday (or night).

Glasgow City Council promotional video
Places or People, 1975; 20:18       
The planning and construction of improvements in the housing and industrial landscape of the city of Glasgow.

Patrick Jameson
Wires, 2005; 05:00
Jameson’s animated short Wires sets the monotonous experience of commuting to a score, transforming the mundane into a visual opera…..

Jem Cohen
Lost Book Found, 1996; 37:00]
Renowned filmmaker Cohen produces films, which cross boundaries between street photography, documentary and experimental genres. Lost Book Found is the result of collected Super-8 and 16mm footage over a period of five years, a mediation on city-life and its unnoticed objects, places and occurrences, the work captures “the subconscious of the city itself, the dream state of the whole past existing in simultaneous disarray."
—Luc Sante, Low Life and Evidence

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